Planet Nine?? (No, It’s NOT Pluto This Time)

Many get excited by the search for planets, as astronomy magazines name off new exoplanets every other month. But what many may not know is that scientist have brough their search for planets back home to our own solar system, searching for what may truly be our special “Planet Nine” (Sorry, Pluto still doesn’t makeContinue reading “Planet Nine?? (No, It’s NOT Pluto This Time)”

The Voyage of Voyager 2

In August of 1997, astronomers as NASA launched a journey to reach further into the depths of our solar system. Voyager 2, followed closely its sister probe, Voyager 1, was one of the first attempts to study our solar system’s outer planets and possibly to see what exactly lies beyond the Sun’s reach. So, whatContinue reading “The Voyage of Voyager 2”

Time Warps- More Than Just Sci-Fi?

Space travel is a relatively new concept compared to the overall age of astronomy. From Armstrong to Koch, sending people into space is still an amazing feat with distances that don’t dare to go beyond our moon. But what if this could change? What if, like our telescopes, we could travel to Jupiter or PlutoContinue reading “Time Warps- More Than Just Sci-Fi?”

Are We Really Andromeda’s Twin?

Astronomers have declared that our galaxy, the Milky Way is one of the largest two galaxies in our Local Group, rivaled only by its own twin, Andromeda. However, while technology has advanced greatly within the realm of astronomy, we have not yet reached the point of searching beyond the halo of the Milky Way andContinue reading “Are We Really Andromeda’s Twin?”

Why I Chose Astronomy

From the beginning of astronomical studies, it was always assumed that people, that Earth, is the center and the largest and most important of everything out there. While these basic assertions have been debunked over the past few centuries, it is only recently that this foundational way of thinking, in which we are the onlyContinue reading “Why I Chose Astronomy”

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