Time Warps- More Than Just Sci-Fi?

Space travel is a relatively new concept compared to the overall age of astronomy. From Armstrong to Koch, sending people into space is still an amazing feat with distances that don’t dare to go beyond our moon. But what if this could change? What if, like our telescopes, we could travel to Jupiter or Pluto or beyond the bounds or our Solar System or, dare I say, to the ends of the Universe?

While these are rather dramatic in terms of our modern technology, the idea behind the possibility of the revolution of space travel is not. This idea is the concept of time warps. Time warps, phenomenon that have been known to scientist for over 100 years, are places in the universe where time is either sped up or slowed down due to the presence of a very large mass. The knowledge of these phenomenon began with Einstein’s theory of general relativity asserting gravity as a “property of the curving of space and time,” meaning that anything with mass, no matter how small, can warp time. The larger the object, the more time is warped, which is why when something is near a black hole, everything occurs slower than it would to an outside observer.

Although Sci-Fi artist love to take this idea and generate new theories for travel, it is rather unlikely that their form of rocket ships will become a reality any time soon. This is primarily because these artist focus on a rather unlikely scenario for time-warp travel:wormholes and cosmic strings. While wormholes are likely to have existed in the early universe, these connections of matter and light would have been very unstable and thus collapsed relatively quickly. Furthermore, cosmic strings, if a reality, are rather small. In fact, they would be extremely tiny- too tiny for any ship to fit through.

Sci-Fi fanatics can dream, but it seems that traveling to the edge of the universe will have to wait until a new, unforeseen discovery is made.


Image result for time warp
This is a theoretical image of a time warp from https://www.newsweek.com/time-warp-where-find-one-1423508. A time warp is a change in time caused by the presence of mass.

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